Poker deposit bonus – what should I know?

Poker deposit bonus

Here’s a guide for the deposit bonus in Check out everything necessary about the poker deposit bonuses.

Bonuses are those elements that usually distinguish the classical offline poker rooms from today’s modern online poker platforms. Literally, in all internet casinos where there’s poker as a main gambling product – from small and new, but reputable websites such as to big poker giants like PokerStar – you will meet a generous bonus system.

Bonus system in poker rooms represents all the bonuses a gambling company offers. The single offer is the single bonus. What you receive from this offer is the bonus amount or the gift – depending on the type of the promotion. And one of the most popular gifts poker players receive is a certain % from the deposit he or she makes.

We are talking about the so called poker deposit bonus. If you are a newbie in the field, there’s a big possibility for you to suffer from lack of all the important details about this bonus. If this is so, don’t stop reading, but check out everything you should know about the poker deposit bonus.

Who can get the poker deposit bonus?

About 5 from 6 deposit bonuses in an online poker platform are welcome offers. This means that only the customers with a freshly opened account on the website can receive. Meanwhile, if you don’t register and then, confirm your registration you cannot accept such a bonus. All players under the legal age to play online poker cannot open an account, which is why they are not eligible to receive the poker deposit bonus. Please, be aware that the account verification is usually not mandatory to get the bonus. It’s a requirement to meet before claiming for a withdrawal.

How does the poker deposit bonus work?

As we have already mentioned it the deposit bonus requires registration, if it is a welcome bonus. But this should be your first registration on the website. The system will recognize your IP address and you cannot open two accounts in one poker room. Whether the deposit bonus is a welcome offer or a promo for the existing customers, to receive it, you should at first make a deposit. Some deposit bonuses have minimum deposit amount requirements, while others will ask you to fund your account specifically through a concrete payment method. Once you meet these requirements, the company will credit in your account balance the deposit bonus percentage as a gift.

Is there any catch with the standard poker deposit bonuses?

It’s not a catch, but an argument for the statement that there’s no such a thing as a free lunch. To “pay” for the gift you need to do some things. These things are known as terms and conditions of the bonus or no deposit promo wager requirements. To receive your bonus amount and to be able to withdrawal it, you will have to play the bonus amount a couple of times. The company might mention you the games to use in order to meet the wager requirements.

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