Roulette Tips

Of the casino games commonly available to players, roulette is often one of the most misunderstood, especially with its many betting options and associated odds. Hoping to shed some light on the game, here are some tips and strategies to improve your roulette experience.


Avoid an Online Casino’s Five-Numbered Bets

The five-number bet in roulette is made in the hopes that the ball will land on any of 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3 (these are always the numbers used in a five-number bet). The five-number bet can only be made using an American style wheel, as European style roulette wheels do not include 00.

The reason that the five-number bet should be avoided is simple math: Online casinos only offer a payout of 6 to 1 for a win. As you are betting on 5 numbers, the return on a 6 to 1 bet would be 1.2 to 1, and that is only if you win.

For example, if you bet $1 on each of the five numbers, and win, the online casino will pay out $6 for your initial $5. Based on the probabilities, all other bets are more worthwhile.

Most online casino experts suggest steering clear of it.


Choose Online Casino Roulette with Zero Wheels

If at all possible, choosing an online casino’s European style zero wheel, as opposed to the American style double zero increases your chances, because the online casino wins on a double zero result. Since choosing a different wheel costs no extra money, why add that chance if you can help it?


Choose Online Casino Roulette with the Surrender Rule

Another thing to look for when choosing an online casino for roulette is whether it allows the surrender rule. What this means, is that during certain bets if the ball lands on a 0, players only lose half of their bet. As this additional option costs players nothing, it should be used whenever possible.

Previous Online Casino Results Don’t Change the Future

A very important factor to remember when playing at an online casino is that previous outcomes have no effect on the future. Some betting systems attempt to work the contrary, and online casino players often think of games as ‘hot’, ‘cold’, ‘tight’, and ‘loose’, but remembering to think of every spin as its own entity can help you make better decisions in the long run.


The Online Casino isn’t for Bad Days

As much of a pleasant distraction as online casino gaming can be, playing roulette on a day that you are feeling depressed or has simply been ‘one of those days’ may not be the best idea. If you are not feeling one hundred percent, it will affect your performance and your winnings as well.


Make Smaller Bets when Losing

Playing at an online casino for long enough will always bring about a bad game or two. Sometimes, these can be the result of stresses that you do not realize are affecting you, such as work or relationships. A tip that can save you money is to play with smaller bets until your luck begins to change. This will also increase the amount of time you can stay at the online casino, as you bankroll will stretch further.

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Slot Play…Best Play

When you enter a casino, you will notice the majority of the players are sitting at slot machines. If you are one of the thousands who enjoy slot play, which machine is your best bet? Which offers you the best opportunity to win? The answer to this varies from one location to another, even from one casino to another. For this article I will use slot machine payouts from the Las Vegas Strip.

When you see a sign that advertises 96% payback on slots, does this mean every slot machine in the casino? Certainly not. For instance, on average, a quarter slot machine will have a payback of 93.27% on the Strip, while a one dollar slot will payback 95.12%. Compare this to a payback of 96.02% on a five dollar machine, or an 89.83% payback on a nickel machine. The worst? that would be the one dollar megabucks machine , with a payback of 87.08%. As you can see, if you play long enough at any of these, the odds are you will eventually lose all of your money. So, how do you improve your chances of being successful? The trick is to make your money last until you hit a jackpot, then you tuck away your winnings and leave happy. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

If you are playing at a 3-coin machine, and you play three coins each time, as you should, and you began with $100, here is how your session could go. On a quarter machine you would put in $100, and get back $93.27 (Approximately). You then put in the $93.70, and you will be returned $86.99. You continue in this manner until all of your money is gone, having put your money through the machine a total of 71 times. During this time, you would have played the machine a total of 1967 times, and had total wagers of $1,475 to put toward your slot club card. This is assuming the machine pays off at its average of 93.27%

On a one dollar machine you would also be able to put your money through the machine 71 times, but you would only receive a total of 663 plays. You would increase your total wager amount to $1,990. On the five dollar machine you would receive 142 plays, with a total wager of $2,140. On the nickel machine you would get 6545 plays, with a total wager amount of $981. On the one dollar megabucks machine you would get only 250 plays, with a total wager amount of $752. So which would you pick? Remember, the object is to make your money last until you hit a jackpot of some reasonable size. Let us say that such a jackpot would pay you 400 coins. A nice jackpot, and not totally unreasonable.

For your $100 on the quarter machine, you would get 1967 chances to win $100 (400 coins at 25 cents). At the one dollar machine you would receive 663 chances to win $400. At the five dollar machine you would have 142 chances to win $2,000, and on the nickel machine you would have 6,545 chances to win $20. At the Megabucks machine you would receive 250 tries at a jackpot of $400. Which you choose is strictly up to you, these are just a few numbers for you to consider. Of course, you must also consider the fact you may not hit a jackpot at all, or you may hit a much larger jackpot. Hey, maybe that is why they call it gambling? Each machine has its advantages and dis-advantages, but please, know which are which, before you play. Take care.