Probably the easiest way to understand a money management system is to simply plan one out. Let’s start with a $100 session amount and conservative goals.

Session Amount $100
First Goal $120
First Pocket Amount $110
Recurring Goal Increment $20
Recurring Pocket Increment $10

Our betting system will be flat even money bets of $5 on each spin. To demonstrate the process, let’s walk through a session. To simplify things, let’s imagine each spin is a win.

Spin In Play Pocket Total Action
0 $100 $0 $100 Before first spin
1 $105 $0 $105
2 $110 $0 $110
3 $115 $0 $115
4 $10 $110 $120 First Goal reached – pocket $110
5 $15 $110 $125
6 $10 $120 $130 Second Goal reached – pocket another $10
7 $15 $120 $135
8 $10 $130 $140 Third Goal reached – pocket another $10

So you can see that after the first goal is met, you never leave more than $15 at risk.

Loss Control
So far the focus has been on winning, however, it is important to consider putting controls in place for losses.

There are some theories that you should limit your losses to some percentage of your session start amount. Of course, logic would contend that you could just reduce your session start amount. However, for some people there is a psychological benefit to ensuring that you will not lose everything.

You could also consider monitoring the number of losses that you have during a session. For instance, you could set a rule that if you have more than 3 losses in a row you will stop the session.

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